Reduction Before Production

“The Bid Chain” – Remodeling The Home Improvement Market!

How it works

Modern Efficiencies and Competition Boost Margins and Increase Affordability. Making Home Energy Efficient Upgrades and Home Improvements Affordable Helps Homeowners! NOW, with the Ability to Finance Them More can Participate!

Upgrading Our Homes Now, Makes them More Efficient, Comfortable and Affordable Today, Saving More Energy Sooner is Doing our Part!

It’s Like Trading in Your 1970 Plymouth or Pontiac for a Tesla!

We do all this without selling your information and keeping your research and shopping experience Private!

“Reduction Before Production”

Reduction: Installing New- Insulation, Roofing, Windows and Doors, HVAC, Cool-Paint, and Energy-Star Appliances, etc. Can Reduce your Energy Consumption by at least 50%. This is why we start with Reduction First, so we don’t over size your Production System.

Production: Solar, Wind and Geothermal Produce Green Energy.